Dance music moves famously quickly. It means that sounds, scenes and selectors can all come and go in a matter of months. Although that is essential to the survival of the genre, it means only the truest artists remain relevant for more than one season. In no uncertain terms, Greek born, London based producer Argy is one of those. He has now been releasing music for more than a decade yet remains as fresh and in focus as any overnight, hyped up hero you can name. Right back in his teenage years did Argy first realise he had a passion for aesthetics. It was sound design that really turned him on, and as such he immediately set about making the transformation from audience to exhibitor. “I had, and have, a strong urge to express and communicate my vision,” he says, and he has more than backed that up over the years, both as a probing producer and dexterous DJ who has been playing at the celebrated Panorama Bar since 20 years of age and who has held Ibiza residencies at clubs like Amnesia, Space, Destino and Pacha in the last few years. In his time, he has excelled at everything from minimal to house to techno, Krautrock to song-based UK bass with a stream of excellent EPs and no fewer than four LPs on labels such as Poker Flat, Cocoon, Objektivity, Desolat, as well as his own These Days label, the legendary Bedrock and Luciano’s Cadenza.Argy has collaborated with artists as diverse as Kerri Chandler and Manuel Göttsching, and is surely the youngest artist to manage to gather such a vast and diverse body of work in this scene. “You know the feeling when you visit the record store and you hear a record and it’s so good you get frustrated you didn’t make it yourself? That’s the kind of product I want to be putting out,” says Argy, who also recognises how important it is to enjoy the music making process and to imbue it with real life experiences and worldly authenticity. It means that when all is said and done, he leaves behind him music that really means something, that has a real place in the world and a unique sense of character. Often impervious to ephemeral trends and remaining resolutely on his own path, he avoids gimmicks and aims to leave behind a real lasting legacy. He has always, since day one, done things independently and has always had an ear for fellow talents such as The Martinez Bros and Solomun, who he worked with as far back as 2008, years before the rest of the world caught on. Argy, then, has defiantly gone his own way in the last decade.All this proves he is a versatile producer who has never repeated the same trick twice and is an artist that can move in and out of scenes with ease. One of the highlights of the musician’s versatile catalogue is his recent remix credits for his soundtrack collaboration with The Martinez Brothers, reworking Hardfloor’s ‘Deep Inside’, for the needs of the latest 212 perfume campaign by fashion giant Carolina Herrera.Argy’s residency in Mykonos, one of the most talked-about series of parties on the popular island, returns this summer at MONI club, alongside an extended tour throughout Europe as well as festivals such as Hideout and many more. At the same time, his annual birthday bash in one of Berlin’s most prestigious clubs, Wilde Renate, will again host one of the lengthiest line-ups ever showcased by the club.


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