BILBER ( DeeJay & Producer )Since 1996 working in the electronic music scene.Starts as dj and producer in the 90s, releasing his first hits 'GLAURUNG' and 'COMBAT ARENA' with one of the best labels: Addicted Music from Barcelona.Versatile and flexible, with predilection to House Sounds, Tribal and Tech-House, fused with Funky and Disco, adapting itself to the most current tendencies.More than 40 Releases and remixes edited by Labels Go Deeva, Squad Music, White Island, Live Life, Ritmikal, Vamos, Suma, Supermarket, The Other Face, Ibiza Sound Deluxe..., and collaborations with artists of the size of Andre Vicenzzo (Matinée), Hugo Sanchez (SuperMartXé), Oscar Cano (Space Ibiza), Mijail, Paul Ross, Del Horno, Julio Posadas... getting into the TOP 100 charts in the most important music download websites like Beat Port, Dj Tunes...Announcer and director of the RadioShow HOUSE EVOLUTION expressed in the best broadcasting stations Dance.A reference in the music scene, his sets are full of good pace, joy and forcefulness, making 'la fiesta' a way of life and fun.


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