Andrés Boned, better known as Bonetti, is a talentedproducer born in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.He has performed as a DJ at the nightclub Pacha Mallorca.From an early age, Bonetti was influenced by house music,electronic music and the night world.In 2010 he decided to engage in making music. Hisproductions are very elegant, a mixture of Deep house andTech house, with an afro- mediterranean touch which makesthem perfect for listening outdoors, on the beach and alsofor dancing on the dance floor.Bonetti officially entered in the music world in April 2011.Some of his productions are supported by artists like, Yaya,X-Press 2, Sergio Fernández, Magda, UGLH, Hermanez, LeVinyl, David Herrero, Roger Sanchez, Alvaro Smart, JesusPablo, Miguel Garji or Moving Cities.


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