Since a few years it is no longer a secret, that the Rhein-Main-Delta is a well known area for good produced electro music. Ever since the Pop- Academie of Mannheim exists, it is a important adress for Techno- and House-Music to spread all over Germany. In the foreground of the Academie was always the subject not to surge on the newest trends, but rather to advance a new personal touch. Exactly in this area Sascha Kasper is settled! Powered by the Do-It-Yourself-Attitude, he gets famous all over the regional frontiers with his stage name „DJ Sasha Casper“. Due to the fact that he wants to transcript his personal conceivabilities in Tech- and Deep-House by himself, he discovers his talent for Track-Producing. Since 2003 Caspar starts to assemble and dismount his own studio, to give his musical ideas space to develop. Both as soloartist and in collaboration with his Friend and companion Sascha Ries (aka Sascha BBC), Caspar looks back on a long list of relaeses.


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