Cedric Vian


"There was no other alternative for young Cedric. Born in a family of music aficionados, with famous french writer, composer and musician Boris Vian himself as his grand-father, everything was adding up for Cedric to become a music lover.His father will further reinforce this destiny by introducing him early-on to the sound of Moog and other electronic- sounding synthesizers.So it is quite naturally that Cedric later turns to DJ- ing and music production. Armed with his legacy and one impressive record collection.From this moment on there was no stopping. Cedric is quickly sucked into the nightlife and fascinated by it. House music becomes his religion: it is within this music style that he decides to showcase his talent, accompanied by his now well-known turntables.As far as recording goes, Cedric comes out with several singles,all signed by various key record labels: Tiger Records, Spinnin', Luxury Trax, Suka Records, Vamos Records Plasmapool as well as Twist My DJ.


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