Danny Wild


Brought to the House and synthetic sounds from his early youth Danny Wild was very soon passionate about music, his activities ranging from radio animat ion t o DJing, t hrough product ion.In 2001, Danny joined one of the most important French labels as its Artistic Director and began producing and composing many pieces, of disco- house and electro influences, usually licensed on "Airplay - Universal", with among others : Krafft “Rock Da House "(Top # 1 French club), David Kane “Clubsound" (Top 5 in France), Dave King “Feel The Night" (Top 15 in France), Jakarta "One Desire" (Top 2 in sales in France, 70 000 CDs sold : gold disk 2008), Wild & Klosman “Discover” and "Save me".With these productions, Danny’s led to play in numerous clubs and parties , in France : Queen club, Banana Café, Pink Paradise, Techno Parade , Gay Pride, even Club Med World or Olympia. And in foreign countries : Chasers , Platinium, V3 (Australia), After Club (Switzerland), Webster Hall (New York USA), Sagamore Hotel (Miami USA), Rebus Club (Germany) and more.A radio FG USA resident, also mixing regularly in Parisian prestigious clubs (Queen Club, Mix Club, Chez Castel), his groovy, sexy, pumping sets never leave you indifferent.In 2010, Danny decides to export himself a bit more. The Track "KIXXX" is first signed on Spinnin’ Records. Then he remixes reknown artists, such as Syke'n'Sugastarr & Alexandra Prince, TV Rock, Tara MacDonald, Bob Sinclar, D.o.n.s, Kurd Maverick, Jeremy Hills, Mico C (Fun Radio) or Antoine Clamaran.2011 was placed under joyful and positive influences, with “Happy People”, Danny Wild’s new single produced in collaboration with Joanna Rays and signed on Happy Music France and Time Records Italy, a track which was broadcast on many important radios, especially FUN RADIO in France.Positive and creative also, as Danny started producing young artists under his new label “Superthanks Records” (Joys Prod), a “House” label created at the end of the year.To be continued.


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Releases #1 6
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Releases in Top 10 12
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Releases in Top 100 27
Days in Top 100 Tracks 143
Days in Top 100 Releases 2625
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