FDF (Italy)


FDF (Italy) is an italian producer,that appear to international scene with his first awesome track Miami played by huge names like Tommy Vee or Robbie Rivera ,and manager of Maxi Digital Records. At present FDF works closely with the Italian major label Airplane! Records, which is famous worldwide for producing big hits of Moony, DB Boulevard and many others big names which reached the Uk top ten sales chart, and for its legendary 7.2 compilations.He also remixed artists such Tommy Vee and many others. Since 2013 FDF is in partnership with some friends founded his own label “Maxi Digital Records” which releases many international artists. And Bang! 2013 was the year! he also landed on the international and well known label EGO music that release awesome artists like The Cube Guys, Richard Grey, Phats & Small, Stefano Pain and many others. The first release on EGO was C’mon, a great house tune that was played a lot everywhere.the track of this awesome artist are supported by well-known DJs like Tommy Vee, Albertino, Keller, Mauro Ferrucci , Syke n’ Sugarstar, Seamus Haji , Stonebridge, Cevin Fisher, Luca Guerrieri aka Josh Feedblack and many other.


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Releases in Top 100 23
Days in Top 100 Tracks 69
Days in Top 100 Releases 1441
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