Funky Truckerz


ts all about high octane and the FUNKY TRUCKERZ are firmly placed at the front of that convoy, honking their horns at any discerning dance floor.acclaimed roadsters CJAYE and TRIXTA will deliver you freshly charged rollers and DJ spin trickery straight from the fast lane - locked in gear with the soulfully ripping vocals of frontman GATHAN CHEEMA... a new groove is very much on the road so either jump on-board or get the hell out the way.its an energy experience - its a tight show with sprinkles of theatre: go grab at least a few redbulls before they start their engines and consider your ride pimped B>)large regardsTHE TRUCK WITScheck the links for cheeky bootlegs and the worldwide on- line stores for the real muddy truckin deal - spread this love, download the action and get ready for more drive time monsters this spring.and remember: hands in the air, not on the wheel baby!!


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