The head of Viper Recordings, and one half of the drum & bass duo 'Matrix & Futurebound'.Since 1996 Futurebound has released on labels such as Timeless, Moving Shadow, Infrared. In 2003, Futurebound formed the drum & bass label Viper Recordings, which has since gone onto great heights with releases from artists such as ShockOne, Brookes Brothers, Sigma, Camo & Krooked, Metrik, and many more.In 2005 Futurebound teamed up with drum & bass legend Matrix to form Matrix & Futurebound. In 2007 they released the highly influencial album 'Universal Truth', which is considered one of the first modern drum & bass vocal albums. Far ahead of its time, the trend which Matrix & Futurebound pioneered is now seen in albums by today's top drum & bass artists.


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