Manuel IbaÒez Jimenez from C·diz (Spain) begins his career at the age of 14 when he acquires his first
decks. Starting out with the breakbeat genre, he will soon discover his fascination for drum and bass
at the ageof 17, along with aching to create new sounds as a producer. Nowadays IMPAK provides his
listeners with a variety of genres ranging from electro to dubstep, but never straying too far
from his favorite genre of drum and bass.


Tracks #1 0
Releases #1 3
Tracks in Top 10 1
Releases in Top 10 16
Tracks in Top 100 18
Releases in Top 100 31
Days in Top 100 Tracks 280
Days in Top 100 Releases 1338
These stats concerns the main Top 100 and the Top 100 for each genre. Data for tracks start on November 1st 2012, and data for releases start on January 1st 2014.