ItuS was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1988. He is a Techno Minimal Dj & Producer who started his professional productions in the year 2012 with his first mixes released in digital labels such as Subwoofer Records and Little Genius Records, published on Beatport. ItuS has always had an analytical personality in reference to the artistic, both graphically and in the sound, and this is how he entered into the world of production where he continues perfecting his own style based on minimalistic interpretations with dark structures and danceable from techno style, which seeks to create an environment of constant dancing and guide the spectators to a big trip of spiritual emocion. He was influenced by big artists style such as Popof, Spartaque, Umek, Angy Kore, Phunk Investigation, Spektre, Koen Groeneveld, Balthazar & Jackrock, Louie Cut and many more.ItuS has played at great clubs like "Privilege Club Ibiza-Buenos Aires" and in many private partys. Today, he seeks to deepen their knowledge at the production level and is highly motivated to continue undertaking their projects to grow and continue to expand and diversify their creativity with the greatest motivation existing for nature, his love for Techno...


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