Luca Guerrieri


Luca Guerrieri, popular dj since the mid-90s, boasts of numerous appearances behind the consolle of the best Italian clubs and an intense activity in the studio, including productions, co-productions and remixes, you can count over 200 publications on Beatport . "Last Chance" and "Sunshine" can be considered as two of his tracks better rated by professionals and clubbers, "One More Time", published under the pseudonym of Josh Feedblack, the side more markedly house in which Luca proposes himself and in which he can be appreciated even in the more underground contests. His collaboration with Airplane! Record (started on 2007) leads him to produce in 2012 not only tracks very popular on the dancefloors ( like "Easy Lover" and "I Know" among the most important) but also his new single "Funky People", produced with the singer Wendy D, which expresses the most pop / dance side of Luca. Among his most important remixes you can certainly mention "Destination Calabria" by Alex Gaudino, Curtis McClain ft. Marshall Jefferson and "Move Your Body" made with Tommy Vee. The greatest satisfaction comes later with the co-production of "Strump", produced with Federico Scavo, a track that soon became an anthem in clubs and radio stations all around the world. Anyway the real arena in which Luca expresses his passion for music is the consolle. In 2000 for the first time in his career he became “resident dj” of Tartana, one of the most popular and famous club of center Italy. Following his style, Luca leads, until 2010, Tartana through all its musical metamorphosis succeeding with all the staff to entertain many clubbers. Luca has been so appreciated that in 2011 he was entrusted the great change of Fluid, another italian popular club today named Setai, raised by the new electronic sound that has infected the entire world and played not only by Luca but also proposed by the most important djs on the international scene.

Main Club:
Tartana (GR), Setai (BG), Dress Code(Ex Insomnia)(PI), Tenax (FI), Canniccia (LU), Vanilla (SI), Papillon (SI), Cafe Del Mar (TA), Des Alpes (TN), Yab (FI), 7.2 (VE), Il Muretto (VE), Manduca (FI), Peter (RN), Villa Delle Rose (RN), Papaya (Pag - Croazia), Circus (BS)

Main Productions:
Luca Guerrieri - Introspect (Stereo Seven Plus)
Luca Guerrieri - Last Chance (Shibusa/Coffee Killer Records)
Luca Guerrieri ft Michelle Weeks - Fly Away (Coffee Killer Records)
Luca Guerrieri ft Stefano Scalzi - Sunshine (Airplane! Records)
Luca Guerrieri ft Alessandro Golini - Suave (Airplane! Records)
Luca Guerrieri ft Luca Preo - Tribute To Alan (Airplane! Records)
Luca Guerrieri vs Double Dee - Why Don't You Feel (Airplane! Records)
Luca Guerrieri - Rotation (Airplane! Records)
Luca Guerrieri - Baila Me (Maria Dolores) (Airplane! Records)
Mauro Ferrucci&Tommy Vee Presents Luca Guerrieri - Sharing (Airplane! Records)
Tommy Vee, Nicola Fasano, Steve Forest & Luca Guerrieri ft Matt Twice - Tell Me (Jolly Rogers)
Luca Guerrieri - Easy Lover (Airplane! Records)
Luca Guerrieri ft Just Sum Kid - It's A War (Airplane! Records)
Luca Guerrieri - I Know (Airplane! Records)
Luca Guerrieri - 19.76 (Airplane! Records)
Luca Guerrieri - Funky People (Airplane! Records)
Luca Guerrieri feat Stefano Cocco Cantini - Saxability (Area 94)
Luca Guerrieri - Get Your Booty (Tiger Records)
Luca Guerrieri - Tron (Area 94)
Luca Guerrieri & Laurie Goldstein - That Brooklyn Noize (Area 94)

Main Remixes:
Paolo Barbato ft Vincent Valler - Nadabi (Peppermint Jam)
Unconditional - Gladiators (Molto Recordings)
Helvetic Nerds - Sancturay (Pinkstar)
Gioeni feat Cristina Russo - The Happiness (Stereo Seven Rec)
Rodamaal feat Claudia Franco - Insomnia (Glitter Rec)
Mario Più - No Name Again (Fahrenheit)
Paolo Barbato feat Scott Foster - Fuel Your Life (Train Records)
Andrea Paci ft Andrea Love - Kiss Me (Ocean Traxx)
Federico Scavo - Mantice (Airplane! Records), Walterino - Go Bang (Purple Music), Scaligu - Yango (Airplane! Records)
Coffee Shop - Movin On (M.O.D.A. Rec)
Tommy Vee - Traditional Story "Aadizookaanag" (Airplane! Records)
Federico Scavo - Let's All Chant (Airplane! Records)
Mauro Ferrucci & Tommy Vee - Old School Generation (Airplane! Records)
Federico Scavo&Alex Kenji - Like This (Hotfingers)
Ce Ce Rogers Presents Serena - In The Cloud (Airplane! Records)
Black Raw - Circo Nero (Netswork Records)
Marshall Jefferson ft Curtis McClein - Move Your Body (ULTRA)
Tommy Vee & Mr V - Bang Bang (Airplane! Records)
Federico Scavo - Strump (Tiger Records)
Jutty Ranx - I See You (Surya Musica Dance)
Phunk Investigation - Like a Burp (Cherry Drop Records)
Federico Scavo feat Simone - Pra Nao Dizer Que Nao Falei Das Flores (Tiger Records)
Federico Scavo - Funky Nassau (D:vision - Strictly Rhythm)
Federico Scavo - Balada (D:vision - Tiger Records - Blanco Y Negro)
Bob Sinclar - Cinderella (Energy Productions)
Stewie B feat Pitbull - Spring Love (Cherry Drop Records)
Ruffneck feat. Yavahn - Everybody Be Somebody (Realtime Records)


Tracks #1 0
Releases #1 3
Tracks in Top 10 1
Releases in Top 10 16
Tracks in Top 100 21
Releases in Top 100 85
Days in Top 100 Tracks 456
Days in Top 100 Releases 6430
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