Luca Lento


Luca Lento is one of the most Italian leading up producer, remixer and Dj. Starting from “King Arthur”,remixed by Matthew Codek (Stereo Prod.), released on Mastiksoul's LabeL (4Kenzo), Luca has reached high levelson product ions and deejaying.His latest track on Mauro Picotto'sLabeL (Alchemy) remixed byArjun Vagale (Suara, Kd Music)is getting huge support on the club scene.His tracks are chartedand played by most important deejays such as:Format:B, Asle, Treasure Fingers, Mauro Picotto, Sinisia Tamomovic, Roger Sanchez, Prok & Fitch, Filterheadz, Arjun Vagale,Jerry Ropero, Erick Morillo Chuckie, Marco Lys, Kid Massive, Hoxton Whores, Gregor Salto, and many others.Appears on:Alchemy, 4Kenzo, 1980 Recordings,T ecnove, Polar Bear Music and more...Remixes/Booking Enquiries: inf o @ luc ale nt o .it


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