MC Whizzkid


Most of you reading this will have encountered Whizzkidsomewhere on your musical journey through EDM. Startinghis Main Stage career in the late 90′s at legendary eventslike Helter Skelter & Dreamscape, Whizzkid has headlinedflyers around the world & back for well over a decade. Tothis day remaining at the very top of his game & continuingto raise the bar within Rave music & infact anything he turnshis creative hand to.It’s been no secret that Whizzkid can perform to any style ofmusic, writing songs to massive success with top producersof many styles, from Pop & House round to Dubstep & D&B.He truly defines the words Multi-Genre.Awards, Albums, Gold discs, Number one podcasts & Toursare no stranger to Whizzkid, as he continues to reach newpeople everyday, with nothing other than his natural gift forwriting, performing & love for music. Having appearedalongside Black Eyed Peas, N-Dubz, Tinchy Stryder, FarEast Movement & many more, around to song writing withhuge commercial dance acts like Ultrabeat, Darren Styles &Liquid, his work rate is unstoppable. Infact, 2012, saw himpick up yet another award for ‘Best MC’ along with thecoveted award for ‘Best Hardcore Track’ with his HardcoreDJ partner, Gammer, for their innovative & inspiring song ”Killed T he Rave” which has gone on to become anunderground global hit.2013, and there is no sign of him slowing down, with hishuge online worldwide following growing daily. Recentlysigning to one of Rave musics biggest labels ‘Future World,’alongside some of Hardcore’s biggest producers & rebrandinghis own label ‘Broken Records UK’, as its sisterlabel, showcasing some of the worlds finest breakthroughtalent & providing them with an opportunity to bigger things.Not only that, aside from his hectic Hardcore show diary, theUK has seen him in on stage D&B collaborations with thelikes of Harry Shotta & Phantasy which has lead to hugeinterest from promoters & D&B lovers alike. Also DJ setsconsisting of a plethora of EDM beats from all corners hasbeen hitting main arenas up and down the UK, & along withhis management team, also currently planning a huge liveshow featuring Whizzkids songs, special guests & muchmore exclusive to Tempo Agents, & available later this year!Whatever the BPM, whatever the genre of music, Whizzkidis one of the worlds most gifted & loved professionals by hisdevoted fans & industry alike.


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