Renaldas is a talented Progressive House producer from Trakai, Lithuania. He was born in December 30, 1996. At the age of five he has already been interested in music, and he wanted to play the electric guitar. The love for music emerged in 2012, when he wrote the first EDM composition, which was a Hard Electro style tune. Afterwards he wanted to create more emotional and more intellectual music, so his interest has changed to Progressive House. At the beginning he was experimenting with the basics, then he discovered his very own and unique style. With the "Long Time Ago" and the "Hawaii" tracks he started his career in 2012, then he debuted with his first author's EP named "Boy Sure Is Dumb". Recently he finished his second EP called "Sunset" - the first official release. Renaldas musical ideas comes from his heart, he presents high quality songs and remixes.


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