MUSICPRODUCTION: riccicomoto (enrico regini) is a well known DJ and producer living in Hamburg...for the last few years he's grooved in clubs and festivals with his special and unique sound... ...always on the lookout for someting out of the ordinary, the special sound, with the provided musical repertoire, which is varied, unusual and distinguishes his sound......as a producer his special interest is the electronic variety of jazz, soul and the cinematic sounds...but also ambient, break beat, dub, trip hop, down tempo, eletronica and deep house tunes are included in his repertoire...his productions mix established and transformed genre and go sometimes in a new symbiosis direction......he has been experimenting with a computer, different sound machines and a 22 year old Yamaha organ to create a sound that's very original...which he then tests on non suspecting listeners in clubs and events......up until now he has had no complaints...or casualties...IBIZA GLOBAL RADIO: since august 2007 riccicomoto has got his own international weekly radio show at "Ibiza Gobal Radio"...this is one of the most important europaen radio stations for club-culture and electronic media... ...the show called "riccicomoto ́s audio selfdefence" is running every saturday at 3PM...his DJ sets are always diversified...often a mix of casual-jazz and cliff- hanging score-tunes...gliding over with perfect dub- techniques and roof raising baselines to initiate the ultimate electrodubtechjazz experience... ...riccicomoto's sound is never intrusive...you will feel just fine, movin' your ass at the dancefloor...or head nodding taking a drink at the bar...so just come around... http://riccicomoto.de


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