A great enthusiasm for producing and performing electronic music was the foundation for the emergence of the exceptional techno live act “SYN” consisting of Robert Muhldorfer und Dario Bohl. The alias SYN embodies their passion for music production and their impelling, atmospheric and dark yet positive Techno. Their influences include exceptional artists such as Chris Liebing, Brian Sanhaji, Ben Klock and Marcel Dettmann. SYN delivers a creative and energetic live performance with the help of equipment such as a MacBook, Native Instruments Maschine and an Akai Apc 40. Besides producing music, SYN are also the hosts of the monthly club night “RUHESTOERUNG” (“disturbing the peace”) which takes place in Mannheim where they perform live alongside regional grandeurs. In the near future SYN will release their productions on the new palatinate imprint “Factory Prime” by Kaminski and “Feierkind Records”.


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