The Stupid Experts


The Stupid Experts are a duo originating from the small town of Hawick in the Scottish Borders. Ally Brown and Dave Walker were originally releasing music seperately under their own names and aliases, with tracks on the likes of Armada, Blackhole, Lost Language, Discover Dark and many more.The pair moved away from the trance sound and began sharing their love for progressive. It was then they decided to collaborate, and The Stupid Experts was born. The name was derived from the ridiculous phone calls they would have describing how a part of a track should be, and how stupid they sounded while talking on the phone, yet the music they started to make together was hailed as forward thinking and groundbreaking by the likes of John '00' Fleming. Subsequent releases to follow on JOOF, Aura, FSOE Parallels, Colorize and many more. DJ support from the likes of John '00' Fleming, Solarstone, Gai Barone, Ruben De Ronde etc, these guys are certainly experts in their field!


Tracks #1 0
Releases #1 3
Tracks in Top 10 0
Releases in Top 10 7
Tracks in Top 100 5
Releases in Top 100 12
Days in Top 100 Tracks 85
Days in Top 100 Releases 2960
These stats concerns the main Top 100 and the Top 100 for each genre. Data for tracks start on November 1st 2012, and data for releases start on January 1st 2014.