Xenia Ghali


Xenia Ghali is a songwriter, producer and DJ. Known for her exotic look and scintillating beats, she has broken through the dance and pop world in Europe and is ready to rock the dance floors in America, after having released her single in the US “Out With a Bang” (with featured artist Jessica Sutta) in December 2013. Coming off of a wildly successful year in Europe, she also released “No Taboo” in Greece featuring Victoria Taylor. Xenia is poised to take over a male dominated industry by using her talent and sex-appeal.Raised in Athens, Greece, Xenia developed a love for music in its entirety at an early age. She grew up playing the piano, flute, guitar, and drums; all-the-while developing her skills as an artist and a songwriter. Xenia lives, eats and breathes music. Her multi-cultural background has influenced her eclectic style of fusing various genres and sounds to create something unique in dance and pop-cultures.The talented musician’s skillset is evident as she can write and fully produce tracks with equal ability, and has the credibility to show for it.She currently divides her time between her home in New York City and Europe.


Tracks #1 0
Releases #1 1
Tracks in Top 10 0
Releases in Top 10 8
Tracks in Top 100 2
Releases in Top 100 16
Days in Top 100 Tracks 8
Days in Top 100 Releases 1742
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