Our track & releases database is getting bigger

Our track & releases database is getting bigger

Until two weeks ago, if you were searching for a track and you couldn't find it on BP Top Tracker, it was because it didn't appeared in the charts. In this new version of the website, we started recording releases as well, so each track included in a release which was charting was also recorded.

Today, we are going further: we start recording every track released on Beatport. Basically, that means our data will be more accurate, such as list of tracks & releases for artists or labels or most featured artists on labels.

Technically, we record the new releases every night, so there might be a small delay (few hours) between the actual release and the adding in our database. Older tracks are also added, but it will take some time to add the 3.5 millions tracks released on Beatport, so please be patient.

We are working everyday to improve this tool, so if you have any suggestion or comment, feel free to contact us!