Best Of Beatport Top 2015

Best Of Beatport Top 2015

Take a look back on 2015

2015 has come to an end, therefore it seems like the right time to wish you an happy new year and to take a step back and check you didn't miss the best tracks of last year. You're lucky as we have just released the Best Of 2015 that compiles the best tracks, releases, artists and labels of the year.

Best Of 2015 Beatport

The ranking system

The Best Of 2015 is based on the daily Beatport Tops from January 1st 2015 to December 31st 2015. Each track or release earns points when it is in a daily top: 100 points if #1, 99 points if #2, ... 1 point if #100. The total points over the period is the main metric for our chart. We also computed for each track and release the number of days spent in the Beatport Top.

The Best Of for labels works pretty much the same way. It takes into account the points earned by every track released by the label.

Finally the Best Of artists is based on the points earned by every track of the artist. In case of an original track, the artists and potential featuring/vocalists will earn points. In case this is a remix, only the remixer(s) will earn the points. This is the only difference with the ranking algorithm of last year, thanks to your feedback.

No more waiting, check out the Best Of 2015 right now: