Beatport Top 2014 - Best Of

Beatport Top 2014 - Best Of

One more new feature on BP Top Tracker

I guess you have already seen it: one new feature has been added to your favorite Beatport Tracker tool! Last week, we published the Best Of 2014.

This Best Of concerns tracks and releases as well as artists and labels, for the main top 100 and also for each genre. It is based on the daily tops between January 1st 2014 and December 31st 2014.

Each track or release earns points when it is in a daily top: 100 points if #1, 99 points if #2, ... 1 point if #100. The points are additionned over the whole period, and the total is the main metric for our Best Of 2014. We also computed for each track and release the number of days spent in the Beatport Top.

The Best Of for labels works pretty much the same way. It takes into account the points earned by every track released by the label.

Finally, the best Of artists is based on the points earned by every track the artist had a participation in. It means if a track has 250 points, these points will be counted for the original producers, and the eventual vocalists or remixers.

Huge support and feedback

This Best Of had more success than expected, and we would like to thank you for your huge support on this, and your many shares on Facebook and Twitter. This motivates us even more to keep this project growing and developing new features.

We would also like to thank you for your feedback. Many of you reported some errors on the best of (for example, the same artist being split into two profiles) that we tried to fix as fast as possible. We also received and read your comments and suggestions. For example not use an absolute metric but a relative one based on a ratio between the number of points and the number of tracks in the Top. We also noted your suprise to see some artists in some Best Of, for example Avicii being #46 Dubstep artist even though he doesn't produce Dubstep, but had many dubstep remixes of his tracks. It would be better to take into account only the remixer in that case, which would be more representative.

We'll take all that into account for next year!

What's next?

The Best Of will of course be back next year, but until then, what can you expect? Our roadmap for 2015 has been defined and rest assured many great things are coming. The first one is the possibility to update artists biography and picture to the last version currently on Beatport. Many of you asked for that, we heard you!

Thanks again for your support and... happy 2015!