Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension

It's been a long time since the last news on BP Top Tracker, but today it's time to introduce our Chrome Extension!

The goal of this extension is to help you go from Beatport to BP Top Tracker. In one click, you will reach the page with all the information you need.

How does it work?

Chrome Logo

When you are browsing Beatport, the BP Top Tracker logo appears on the left side of the address bar. When you click on it, it opens BP Top Tracker in a new tab. What is great is that, if you are looking at a track page on Beatport, the corresponding page will be opened on BP Top Tracker. Piece of cake!

This extension works with the normal and the pro version of Beatport. However, this is only for Chrome users. There is no plan to develop extensions for other browsers at the moment, but don't worry, we didn't forget you!

Alternative solution for other browsers

If you are part of the minority of our users who don't use Google Chrome, you can still have a direct access from Beatport to BP Top Tracker by adding "top" in the url. For example, if you are currently on the page, just change "beatport" to "beatporttop" ( and you will be redirected to right page on BP Top Tracker. Easy peasy!


So if you're using Google Chrome and want to live a better experience when browsing Beatport and BP Top Tracker, download the BP Top Tracker chrome extension.