Revealed Recordings in the charts

Revealed Recordings in the charts

Revealed Recordings

A few weeks ago, one very known label reached a milestone by releasing its 100th release. We're of course talking about Hardwell's own imprint: Revealed Recordings. This label, established in 2010, is one of the top dance labels in the world with many chart topping tracks.

This is a great occasion to take a look back on Revealed Recordings journey on a statistical point of view. Be ready for some exclusive statistics about the Beatport tops!

The artists releasing on Revealed Recordings

The label boss Hardwell is of course the most featured artist: credited in 73 tracks. Two other artists joined the label immediately after the establishment and released many tracks: Dannic and Dyro were respectively credited on 28 and 21 tracks on Revealed Recordings.

The first release was a collaboration between the two close friends Hardwell & Dannic (under the alias Funkadelic): Get Down Girl.

Many artists joined the train since then. The most active are Paris & Simo, Kill The Buzz, Jordy Dazz, W&W and JoeySuki. Revealed also gives a chance to newcomers, which make it one great source of new discoveries.

Revealed Recordings invading the Beatport Top

Since November 1st 2012, the day we started recording the Beatport Top, Revealed Recordings has seen 11 of their tracks on the first position of the Beatport Top 100, 31 tracks in the Top 10 and 62 tracks in the Top 100.

A Revealed Recordings track spends 30 days on average in the Top 100 while the average for all labels together is only 23 days.

A Progressive House reference

With most of the tracks labeled as Progressive House, Revealed Recordings is becoming one the reference in this genre. Take it as a proof that earlier this year, during 4 days in March, Revealed had 21 different tracks simultaneously in the Progressive House Top 100. It means that from the most sold Progressive tracks, one out of five was released on Revealed Recordings. No other label achieved this since November 2012. We didn't record the charts previously but it's almost sure no other label achieved this since the start of Beatport! As a comparison, Spinnin Records, an other big player in Progressive House, has only had 13 tracks simultaneously in the Progressive Top.

The label is growing quickly and is getting more and more success through the years. Last year the average number of tracks simultaneously in the Progressive Top was 10. During the 4 first months of 2014, this number has climbed to 17!

Most successful tracks


One of the most successful track on the label was Hardwell's track featuring Amba Shepard vocals: Apollo. Its journey in the charts was quite impressive: 13 days #1 in the main Top 100 and the Progressige House top 100, 91 days in the main Top 100 and 318 days in the Progressive top 100. The remixes released a few months later didn't do so well but some of them reached the Top 100 as the ones by Dash Berlin or Lucky Date.

The Code

One month later, in February 2013, the dutch duo W&W teams up with Ummet Ozcan. Only three days after the release, The Code is a Beatport #1 and will be for the next two weeks. But that was not just a bang, the track spent more than 250 days in the Progressive House Top 100.

Never Say goodbye

After this success, W&W continued to collaborate with other talented artists such as the label boss himself. Jumper with Hardwell was also a number one, and is still in the charts these days. More recently they collaborated with Blasterjaxx: Rocket, currently in the Top 10.

Not only are Revealed Recordings artists doing a great job on instrumental tracks, their vocal tracks are always a hit. Just like this one by Hardwell & Dyro featuring vocals by Bright Lights: Never Say Goodbye. That's one more #1 and a few months in the Top 100.

Giving a chance to new comers

What I like about Revealed Recordings is that they also give a chance to newcomers, such as Tybo. In March this year, the Belgian producer released a track with Blackwhited. Even though Blackwhited has been in the business for a few years, Avalanche was the first release for Tybo. Getting a first release on such a great label is a unique chance you don't want to miss. We had a little chat with him.

Hi Tybo, first of all congratulations for your first release on Beatport. Could you tell us a bit more about how was the collaboration with Blackwhited?

It was completely crazy! It’s a very long story. At first, I did the first version of Avalanche. But someone stole my track on soundcloud and the next week, Hardwell was playing it in a bootleg at EDC Las Vegas. I just lost my mind! But I was very angry about this stealer! Then Blackwhited was really interested in making a better version of Avalanche because he told me Avalanche had a huge potential with some improvement in the track. I accepted and we did this banger track! We are now collaborating on a new follow up track.

Avalanche has been released on the Miami 2014 compilation from Revealed Recordings. How does it feel to be released on one of the most successful labels nowadays whose leader is the #1 DJ?

It’s a dream which came true. It gives you so much motivation to make new tracks and to try to sign it on big labels such as Revealed Recordings. I realize big artists like my music. It’s a good start to follow my dream and become more and more famous.

Your track reached the 24th position in the Progressive House chart and spent 40 days in this Progressive Top 100. Did you expect such an impact for your first release?

Of course not. It was insane to see Avalanche rising everyday in the progressive house top 100.

Being in the Beatport Top 100 is usually an opportunity for more bookings around the world. Has it changed something for you on this point of view?

Yes of course. Nowadays, it’s really important to produce your music and to try to make it appear in the beatport chart. I think it’s the best way to get in touch rapidly with festivals, big parties,… and of course to make a name in the EDM scene. I was recently asked to play in Italy. It’s a really good start! I can’t wait to travel around the world!

What can we expect from you in the upcoming future? New tracks coming out soon?

A lot of new tracks, new photo shootings, new gigs, new fans haha!

One last word about Revealed Recordings?

1, 2, 3, JUMP! More seriously, Revealed Recordings is one of the best label on earth and you can expect more big things from them in the future!

What's next?

What's next for the biggest Progressive House label of today? Surely a lot of brand new tracks that will rock the dancefloors and the charts.