Which genre should you produce to reach Top 100?

Which genre should you produce to reach Top 100?

Music Evolution

First of all, we all agree that one, when producing, should not be influenced by what kind of music sells more. My opinion is a producer should share his passion for music, share his emotions and not only create beats to get money. But we also know that EDM as we call it, is a huge industry with a lot of people having business only in mind.

Even though artists should have their own unique touch, it is interesting to see what kind of music works well in the Beatport Top 100. This is the easiest way have a global view of the current trend and its evolution.

2012, the year of Deep House

Back in 2012, Deep House was the most represented genre in the Beatport Top 100: 24% of the tracks in the top were labelled as Deep House. Coming next are Progressive House (20%) and Electro House (16%).

In the Top 10 however, the trend is a bit different with only 17% of Deep House tracks. Electro House (24%) and Progressive House (45%) are the two main genres we saw in the Beatport Top 10 in 2012.

2013: Brace yourselves, EDM is coming

You guessed it right, starting 2013, Deep House started to fall down with only 18%. The main winner in 2013 was Progressive House that counted 358 different tracks in the Top 100 (23%), followed by Electro House (308 tracks, 20%).

All genres put together, we saw a total of 1548 different tracks in the Top 100 last year.

The trend in the Top 10 is similar but with a huge domination of Progressive House tracks (or at least tracks labelled as Progressive House, if you know what I mean): 52%. 3 tracks out of ten were Electro House.

2014, the year of ...

Electro House! Indeed, during the four first months of 2014, the most charted genre is Electro House (168 tracks, 26%). Progressive House is slowly going down just like Deep House is (respectively 21% and 16%).

The Trance presence in the Beatport Top 100 is stable with around 4 tracks out of 100, just like Techn House. Techno and House are around 12%. We also saw 20 Indie Dance / Nu Disco tracks in the Top this year.

But what about the Top 10? More than 8 tracks out of 10 are Electro House or Progressive House, leaving small place for Deep House, House, Tech House and Nu Disco.


As everyone already knows Electro House is booming, and statistically, producing Electro or Progressive will give you a better chance to reach the top. But please, if you're a producer, even though we loved Animals by Martin Garrix (#1 track in 2013), stop producing Animals-like electro tracks like you've done until now. Try something new and different, then you will really deserve a Top 100.

The time range used for this analysis is the following. 2012: November & December. 2013: whole year. 2014: January to April 29.