A Thousand Miles [Magik Muzik]


A Thousand Miles [Magik Muzik]
Artists Noah Neiman, Cadence Ludden
Genres Trance
Release Date 2014-04-28
Label Magik Muzik
Catalog # MM11081

Following the Beatport Trance Top 5 hit single iLose My Logici (with Sean Tyas & Fisher), Noah Neiman returns to Black Hole Recordings, this time on the Magik Muzik imprint. While Neimans previous Trance Top 10 hits morph electro-tinged basslines with trance-rooted melodic breakdowns (ie. Endorush, They Have Laser Eyes, or Radiofire), iA Thousand Milesi takes a different approach, and features the vocal talents Cadence Ludden, an Austin, Texas based singer-songwriter. Luddens rich, buttery tone and natural controlled melismas give the track a housey vibe reminiscent of what one would hear at an underground dance club in Chicago. While the production of iA Thousand Milesi features Neimans signature nu-trance formula, a few festival anthem-like elements are incorporated into the mix, keeping the track unique, catchy, and anything but generic. This release marks Neimans first original vocal since 2010, and promises to be the first of many more to come. iA Thousand Milesi will be available on April 28th, exclusively at Beatport!


Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
A Thousand Miles feat. Cadence Ludden (Original Mix)
Noah Neiman, Cadence Ludden


130 BPM



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