And Then There Was You [Media Blackout]


And Then There Was You [Media Blackout]
Artists Magnus, Toricos, Sandy H
Genres Deep House
Release Date 2017-02-13
Label Media Blackout
Catalog # MBO086

Media Blackout's latest release "Sandy H ft. Magnus — And Then There Was You" is a memorable collaboration between Sandy H, a synth-wave loving french girl and Magnus, a Swedish vocalist with a knack for crafting the perfect hook. Alongside this original, we're happy to present a remix from Russian craftsman, Toricos, who delivers his sexy and infinitely danceable take.

One of the best parts of running this label is getting to know these artists in a more intimate way than the casual listener. We spent some time with Sandy H and Magnus, diving a little deeper into their process and history to give you a bit more than just what you might expect.

Read the interview with Sandy H

Read the interview with Magnus

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Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
And Then There Was You (Original Mix)
Magnus, Sandy H

Deep House

115 BPM



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And Then There Was You (Toricos Remix)
Toricos, Sandy H

Deep House

118 BPM



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