Change The Situation [DFTD]


Change The Situation [DFTD]
Artists Eli Brown
Genres Tech House
Release Date 2019-08-30
Label DFTD
Catalog # DFTDS132D2

One of the most prolific producers on the scene right now, Eli Brown has made 2019 his landmark year. Releasing heavy hitters on labels such as Lee Foss' Repopulate Mars, Adam Beyer's Truesoul and Solardo's Sola, the Bristolian producer has made his name synonymous with a killer bassline and been behind a number of this year's biggest club tracks. With a production style that fits seamlessly with DFTD's catalogue of fresh, dancefloor-focussed cuts, his two-track label debut is set out to get pulses racing. Progressive breakdowns, thick descending basslines and slick production generate infectious club appeal on both tracks.

Eli Brown 'Change The Situation'

1. Change The Situation (Extended Mix)
2. Better When (Extended Mix)

'Change The Situation'
Written by Gavin Harris
Produced by Eli Brown
Published by Defected Music

'Better When'
Written by Gavin Harris, Stephen Kenny-Tempest & Nicole Shortland
Produced by Eli Brown
Published by Defected Music
'Better When' contains samples of DJ S.K.T 'Dirty', Written by Stephen Kenny Tempest & Nicole Shortland, Published by Defected Music. Used by permission.

P&C 2019 Defected Records Limited dba DFTD


Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
Change The Situation (Extended Mix)
Eli Brown

Tech House

125 BPM



12 5 24 7
Better When (Extended Mix)
Eli Brown

Tech House

125 BPM



90 18 91 18



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