Downtown (The Remixes) [Which Bottle?]


Downtown (The Remixes) [Which Bottle?]
Artists Deekey, Davis Mallory, Nairi, Lanns
Genres Future House, Dance
Release Date 2019-01-18
Label Which Bottle?
Catalog # WBT132

Last year we heard an amazing single from Russian artist Deekey with vocalist from the United States Davis Mallory - 'Downtown', such a great collaboration was supported by many famous artists around the world! And now it's time to bring back this huge tune with two fantastic remixes by Nairi and Lanns! These guys will prove that music has no borders and their own vision of club sounds is really cool: strictly for the listenner who's looking for track to repeat and Djs who are looking for bangin' dancefloor smasher! Choose your favorite remix and enjoy fresh vibes!


Best Best (G) Now Now (G)
Downtown (Lanns Remix)
Deekey, Davis Mallory, Lanns

Future House

124 BPM



-- -- -- --
Downtown (Nairi Remix)
Deekey, Davis Mallory, Nairi


124 BPM



-- 27 -- --



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