Beatport Top 100 Glitch Hop (releases) - 2019-01-20

Title Artist(s) Label Release date
1 == Funk n' Beats, Vol. 6 (Curated by Smoove) Chrome, Crazy P, Various Artists, Kraak & Smaak, Boca 45, DJ Format, Smoove, Torpedo Boyz, Groove Armada, Beatvandals, Cookin' On 3 Burners, Abdominal, Sleeve, Turrell, A.Skillz, The Third Degree, Andy Cooper, Breakdown Brass, The Traffic, Maidm, Solar Shield Bombstrikes 2018-12-14
2 +4 Funk n' Beats, Vol. 5 (Mixed by The Allergies) Fort Knox Five, Various Artists, Wax, Ty, DJ Format, Smoove, Lack Of Afro, Featurecast, Flevans, Chali 2na, Miles Bonny, Soopasoul, The Haggis Horns, Seanie T, Abdominal, Flow Dynamics, Koaste, Doc Brown, Tim Love Lee, The Killer Meters, Renegades Of Jazz, The Funk Hunters, Pete Cannon, Imagine This, Bo Saris, The Allergies, Dr Syntax, Herbal T, Roast Beatz, Andy Cooper, Bazza Ranks, The Traffic, Voodoocuts, BlabberMouf, Dusty Donuts, Djar One Bombstrikes 2018-05-04
3 +1 Apophenia Mr. Bill mau5trap 2018-12-14
4 -2 Bass Funk, Vol. 4 (Mixed by Featurecast) Krafty Kuts, Champion, Basement Freaks, Featurecast, Defunk, Dread MC, Dutty Moonshine, Baby Bam, Lack Jemmon, Kenny Beeper, Ahee, Ninjula, G Wizard, Kotek, Crash Party, Stylust, Send It, Electric Swing Thingy Bombstrikes 2018-11-16
5 -2 Swagger EP X-Ray Ted Bombstrikes 2019-01-11
6 +12 Swing, Shaken Not Stirred C@ in the H@, Captain Flatcap, Tuxedo Junction Ragtime Records 2018-06-07
7 -2 Do You Like It EP Summer Bright, Mr Stabalina, Skank Spinatra Scour Records 2018-05-31
8 +13 Funk n' Beats, Vol. 4 (Mixed by Fort Knox Five) Thunderball, Malente, Fort Knox Five, Skeewiff, Prosper, Various, Watch TV, Basement Freaks, El Gran Lapofsky, Lack Of Afro, Black Machine, Dynamo Productions, Kormac, Ugly Duckling, Flow Dynamics, BadboE, Nappy Riddem, Empresarios, Joe Quarterman, The Noisy Freaks, Slynk, Mustafa Akbar, Stabfinger, Rhythm Mode:D, Pulp Fusion, DJ Maars, The Allergies, SkiiTour, Steve Marriott, The Primetimes, Andy Cooper, Wicked City, The Funk Fury, The Fundamentals Bombstrikes 2018-03-09
9 -2 Funk n' Beats, Vol. 3 (Mixed by Featurecast) All Good Funk Alliance, Chrome, Max Sedgley, Aldo Vanucci, Deadly Avenger, Prosper, Smoove, Various, The Wiseguys, Black Grass, Lack Of Afro, Featurecast, Flevans, Dynamo Productions, Beatvandals, Marc Hype, Tim Love Lee, Ced Gee, Ill Legit, Pugs Atomz, Wes Restless, Quantic Soul Orchestra, Stabfinger, The Allergies, A. Skillz, Uncle Mic Nitro, Tom Booze, Jim Dunlop, Curoc, The Mighty Show Stoppers Bombstrikes 2017-05-19
10 -2 Funk n' Beats, Vol. 2 (Mixed by Beatvandals) Plump DJs, Martin Solveig, Bushy, Shakedown, Boca 45, Prosper, Basement Freaks, Cut La Roc, CMC, Mooqee, Beatvandals, Soopasoul, Pepe Deluxé, Flow Dynamics, Fdel, Alice Russell, Jem Stone, BadboE, Rory Hoy, War, Silenta, Pimpsoul, Slynk, A.Skillz, Pat Fulgoni, Herbgrinder, Quantic Soul Orchestra, The Allergies, Various Aritsts, Mousse T, Foxy Cheex, Gaddy, Real Elements, Cedric Bremer Bombstrikes 2015-12-04
11 -2 Creation Gumi Merkaba Music 2019-01-17
12 -2 Six Plus One Minty Glitch Hop Community 2019-01-14
13 -2 Bounce To The Rhythm / Union Square DRKWTR, SONEK, Jprime Diesel Recordings 2019-01-11
14 -1 Disciple X Miniladd (The Exclusives) Pierce, Virtual Riot, Eliminate, Jarvis, Panda Eyes, Chime, Barely Alive, Oliverse, PLTO Disciple & Co. 2018-12-13
15 IN Broken Thought Esseks Wakaan 2018-11-30
16 IN Sentient EP Fonzie Quite Low Records 2018-11-28
17 -3 This Is It EP Bryx, Audiowrx Bombstrikes 2018-10-22
18 -3 The Booty Galactic K+Lab Westwood Recordings 2018-10-12
19 -3 Take The Cake Cheshire Lowtemp 2018-07-20
20 -3 TQVP, Vol. 1 Triana, Rkayna, Royal Blood (SP) Rough Division 2018-07-02
21 -2 Keep Me Lifted EP Royal Blood (SP) Rough Division 2018-05-07
22 == Antimatter Moovin G.Star Records 2018-01-22
23 == W:/2016ALBUM/ Deadmau5, Grabbitz mau5trap 2016-12-02
24 == Soul Science Hedflux Luminus Music 2016-11-16
25 IN Something Wrong Here Laura Brehm, Rezz (NA) mau5trap 2016-10-07
26 -1 The Copycat EP Rob Gasser Cloudhead Records 2015-12-04
27 -1 Straight Up Glitch Hop! Vol. 10 SpekrFreks, AMB, Melleefresh, DJ Groove, Chali 2na, Defunk, Vespers, Serenity, CMC & Silenta, DJ Wood, Stickybuds, Crazy Daylight, The Funk Hunters, kLL sMTH, Greg Blackman, Den5ity, Dr. Zoidberg, Ad Voca, Moontricks, SugarBeats, Beat Fatigue, KC4K, SkiiTour, Sanxia, Amfiton, Foolov Project, Voyteck, Dobro, Katori, Caitlin Cardier Straight Up! 2015-04-13
28 IN The Adventures of Mr. Fox EP Reso, KOAN Sound, Opiuo, Neosignal OWSLA 2012-09-04
29 -1 Trick n' Treat (Remixes) GMS, Pixel, Freedom Fighters, Vertical Mode, Mr. Bill HOMmega Productions 2013-06-24
30 IN The Fat Of The Land (Expanded Edition) Noisia, The Prodigy, Zeds Dead, The Glitch Mob, Major Lazer, Alvin Risk, Baauer XL Recordings 2012-12-03
31 -2 Awkward Robot Party Imagine This, Buck Rogers Bass Mechanix Audio 2012-10-03
32 -2 Cozza Frenzy Bassnectar, Mr. Projectile, Ill.Gates, Fever Ray Child's Play 2009-09-29
33 -2 Dirt Nap EP Excision, Subvert Muti Music 2008-09-02
OUT Disciple X Miniladd Dodge & Fuski, Pierce, Terravita, Phaseone, Virtual Riot, Eliminate, Jarvis, Panda Eyes, Chime, Barely Alive, Fox Stevenson, Dubloadz, YOOKIE, Leah Culver, Disciple, Oliverse, Bandlez, PLTO Disciple & Co. 2018-12-13
OUT Human Nature Arkasia Symphonic Distribution 2018-03-21
OUT Friends On Mushrooms (Deluxe Edition) Infected Mushroom, Astrix, Riot, Savant, Pegboard Nerds, Hope 6, Kelsy Karter Dim Mak Records 2015-01-06