Beatport Top 100 Glitch Hop (releases) - 2018-11-20

Title Artist(s) Label Release date
1 == Bass Funk, Vol. 4 (Mixed by Featurecast) Krafty Kuts, Champion, Basement Freaks, Featurecast, Defunk, Dread MC, Dutty Moonshine, Baby Bam, Lack Jemmon, Kenny Beeper, Ahee, Ninjula, G Wizard, Kotek, Crash Party, Stylust, Send It, Electric Swing Thingy Bombstrikes 2018-11-16
2 == Residential Area EP Crash Party Scour Records 2018-11-01
3 == Westwood Recordings 100th Release Ed Solo, Krafty Kuts, Utah Jazz, Chali 2na, Defunk, Vespers, Opiuo, CMC & Silenta, DJ Wood, Stickybuds, Big Gigantic, K+Lab, The Funk Hunters, Odjbox, Flavours, Moontricks, SugarBeats, Shylow, SkiiTour, Megan Hamilton, Kingfisha, Grid Division, Delhi 2 Dublin, The Niceguys, PINEO & LOEB, Woofax, Maha Quest Westwood Recordings 2018-09-28
4 +2 Funk n' Beats, Vol. 3 (Mixed by Featurecast) All Good Funk Alliance, Chrome, Max Sedgley, Aldo Vanucci, Deadly Avenger, Prosper, Smoove, Various, The Wiseguys, Black Grass, Lack Of Afro, Featurecast, Flevans, Dynamo Productions, Beatvandals, Marc Hype, Tim Love Lee, Ced Gee, Ill Legit, Pugs Atomz, Wes Restless, Quantic Soul Orchestra, Stabfinger, The Allergies, A. Skillz, Uncle Mic Nitro, Tom Booze, Jim Dunlop, Curoc, The Mighty Show Stoppers Bombstrikes 2017-05-19
5 -1 Hacienda Funk The Niceguys Bombstrikes 2018-09-21
6 -1 Funk n' Beats, Vol. 4 (Mixed by Fort Knox Five) Thunderball, Malente, Fort Knox Five, Skeewiff, Prosper, Various, Watch TV, Basement Freaks, El Gran Lapofsky, Lack Of Afro, Black Machine, Dynamo Productions, Kormac, Ugly Duckling, Flow Dynamics, BadboE, Nappy Riddem, Empresarios, Joe Quarterman, The Noisy Freaks, Slynk, Mustafa Akbar, Stabfinger, Rhythm Mode:D, Pulp Fusion, DJ Maars, The Allergies, SkiiTour, Steve Marriott, The Primetimes, Andy Cooper, Wicked City, The Funk Fury, The Fundamentals Bombstrikes 2018-03-09
7 == Street RItual Ten Year Compilation Deez, Maxfield, Amp Live, Nico Luminous, Mr. Jennings, Devin Kroes, Kozmo, SuDs, Smigonaut, Cirqular, Subduktion, Hullabalo0, Madam Bliss, Ovoid, Shapesift, Bricksquash, Date Modified Tomorrow Street Ritual 2018-11-13
8 == Phasm Chasm Chamberlain Delicious Music (ORCH) 2018-11-07
9 == The Asylum Figure DOOM 2018-10-12
10 IN Departures KJ Sawka, Ill.Gates, Mr. Bill, Andreilien, Stylust, Bad Unkl Sista Muti Music 2018-09-14
11 +1 Overdrive EP Ivory, Space Laces, Getter Never Say Die Records 2018-06-06
12 +1 Parallels EP Maha Quest Westwood Recordings 2018-06-01
13 +1 Funk n' Beats, Vol. 5 (Mixed by The Allergies) Fort Knox Five, Various Artists, Wax, Ty, DJ Format, Smoove, Lack Of Afro, Featurecast, Flevans, Chali 2na, Miles Bonny, Soopasoul, The Haggis Horns, Seanie T, Abdominal, Flow Dynamics, Koaste, Doc Brown, Tim Love Lee, The Killer Meters, Renegades Of Jazz, The Funk Hunters, Pete Cannon, Imagine This, Bo Saris, The Allergies, Dr Syntax, Herbal T, Roast Beatz, Andy Cooper, Bazza Ranks, The Traffic, Voodoocuts, BlabberMouf, Dusty Donuts, Djar One Bombstrikes 2018-05-04
14 +1 Empire EP Defunk Westwood Recordings 2018-03-09
15 +1 Smuggler Voices The Brig Most Addictive 2018-01-26
16 +1 Boca 45: Bombs from the Vaults Fort Knox Five, Boca 45, Geoff Barrow, Various, Mystro, Dynamo Productions, One Cut, The Bodybeard Brothers, Blu Rum 13, The Good People, Purple Penguin, Gizelle Smith, The Beekeepers, Malachai, The Mighty Mocambos, Mustafa Akbar, Profile, Stepchild, The Allergies, Louis Baker, Emskee, Jimi Entley, Kelvin Swaby, Bocawoody, Mohawkestra, Torpedo Boys, Mc Kay Bombstrikes 2017-11-24
17 +1 Bass Funk, Vol. 3 (Mixed by Dubra) Dynamite MC, Krafty Kuts, Fort Knox Five, Nick Thayer, Basement Freaks, Featurecast, Chali 2na, Stephen Marley, Marten Horger, Mavrik, Opiuo, Stickybuds, Marc Spence, Arteo, K+Lab, Slynk, Neon Steve, Kuplay, Mustafa Akbar, A.Skillz, The Funk Hunters, Odjbox, Thomas Vent, Phibes, Ying 'n' Yang, Damien Marley, Jimi Needles, Bandmaster, Ahee, Dubra, The DropStarz, KWADI, Mary Tales, Wicka Bombstrikes 2017-10-20
18 +1 Back to Flow EP Krafty Kuts Bombstrikes 2017-10-13
19 +1 Connectika Symbolico Merkaba Music 2017-03-06
20 +1 Pressurize The Cabin Remixed Thunderball, Ursula 1000, All Good Funk Alliance, Deekline, Farid, Fort Knox Five, Basement Freaks, Knight Riderz, Bobby C Sound Tv, Slynk, Wes Smith, Bart & Baker, The Funk Hunters, Smalltown DJs, Warp9, Father Funk, Qdup, SkiiTour, Palletz, J*Labs, DJ Dan & Mike Balance Fort Knox Recordings 2016-10-14
21 +1 Listen to the Trees Kalya Scintilla Merkaba Music 2016-06-27
22 IN Rhythm Planet Albakore Glitch Hop Community 2015-12-16
23 == Seeds of Mind Eurythmy, Tribone, Schtang Shanti Planti 2015-09-04
24 == The Jitterbug EP Kalika, Stepcat Adapted Records 2015-08-03
25 == Rebirth EP Rezonate Monstercat 2015-03-25
26 IN Evolution EP Messinian, Transforma, Aberto Adapted Records 2014-06-23
27 -1 Dynasty KOAN Sound OWSLA 2014-04-01
28 IN Casino EP Skope Caliber Music 2014-01-20
29 -2 Taproot Plantrae Street Ritual 2013-04-08
30 -2 ISM Savant, Twistex SectionZ Records 2012-09-09
31 -2 Divergent Spectrum Bassnectar, Gogol Bordello, Ill.Gates, Rollz, Jantsen, Ellie Goulding, Seth Drake Amorphous Music 2011-08-02
OUT Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 5 Gammer, Celldweller, Slander, Grant, Riot, Bianca, Reach, McCall, Dirtyphonics, Delta Heavy, Panther, Kill Paris, Justin Oh, Modestep, Che'Nelle, Dyro, Bossfight, Asking Alexandria, Knife Party, Dirty Audio, Rameses B, Matroda, Pegboard Nerds, Koven, Deorro, Muzzy, Kalibwoy, Nitro Fun, Rickyxsan, Dion Timmer, Tisoki, Myrne, Falcon Funk, Bear Grillz, Sullivan King, Karra, Trivecta, Stonebank, BISHU, Goja, FWLR, CrankDat, Kuuro, Slippy, Tokyo Machine, Soulji, Wooli, Bad Computer, Tim Moyo, Monstercat Monstercat 2018-08-16
OUT Music Saves Me (feat. Baby Bam) Ali B, Beatvandals, Arteo, Baby Bam, Dubra Bombstrikes 2018-07-27