Beatport Top 100 Glitch Hop (releases) - 2017-03-28

Title Artist(s) Label Release date
1 == Terminally Ill KJ Sawka, Ill.Gates, Minnesota, G Jones, CloZee Muti Music 2017-02-24
2 +1 Space Taste EP Elysium Adapted Records 2017-03-20
3 +1 ILLectric EP Chali 2na, Defunk, CMC & Silenta, The Funk Hunters, Tom Thum, Verse Ital Westwood Recordings 2016-10-14
4 -2 Excision 2016 Mix Compilation Mayhem, Mantis, Phetsta, ShockOne, Excision, AntiSerum, Kill The Noise, Messinian, Doctor P, Delta Heavy, The Frim, Virtual Riot, Zomboy, Flux Pavilion, Laxx, LeKtriQue, Snails, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Pegboard Nerds, Sikdope, Brillz, Basstrick, Matthew Koma, MUST DIE!, Dirty Zblu, Benasis, Jarren Benton, Debroka, Dion Timmer, Ray Volpe, Barely Alive, Tisoki, Phiso, Bear Grillz, Lookas, Wavedash, TYNVN, Slips & Slurs, Flux Pavillion, CrankDat, Mihka!, Cherney, TBBT, DJ Skillz, Tia Simone Rottun Recordings 2016-09-14
5 == Dialectics Whitebear, Mumukshu, Tribone Shanti Planti 2016-09-02
6 == Bombstrikes Classics, Vol. 9 Beatvandals, A.Skillz Bombstrikes Classics 2016-04-18
7 +26 Nothing Out Here Nigel Good, Johnny Norberg Silk Royal Records 2014-04-28
8 IN Dynasty KOAN Sound OWSLA 2014-04-01
9 -2 Acid Wolfpack Coyote Kisses Burn The Fire 2012-02-20
10 -2 Cyber Samurai DeDrecordz Dedrecordz 2017-03-20
11 -2 Caught In The Rain Channel 5, Livistona, Syndiem G.Star Records 2017-03-17
12 -2 Joyride Everyman, Qdup Fort Knox Recordings 2017-03-17
13 -2 Freedom Ob-Ject G.Star Records 2017-03-03
14 -1 Banana Funk Chamberlain Adapted Records 2017-02-06
15 -1 Super Dance Quinn EP Tim Ismag Play Me Records 2017-01-30
16 -1 Hexes Quest Repost Network 2017-01-13
17 -1 Bag Of Tricks EP Sammy Senior Scour Records 2017-01-09
18 -1 Algoithm Andreilien Muti Music 2017-01-06
19 -1 Front Yard Futon StereoCool, Slynk, JPOD the Beat Chef, Timothy Wisdom, Mr. Bill, AfroQben, Beat Fatigue, Max Ribner, Dunks Symphonic Distribution 2017-01-05
20 -1 Disembodiment Wagawaga, sub.conscious Triple Drop Productions 2017-01-03
21 -1 W:/2016ALBUM/ Deadmau5, Grabbitz mau5trap 2016-12-02
22 -1 Glitch & Funk, Vol. 3 Squelch, Chamberlain, Basement Freaks, Cheshire, Bobby C Sound Tv, Mouldy Soul, FarfetchD, Optobot, Thomas Vent, Beat Fatigue, Boifrenz, Sugarpunch, Jesswah, Grid Division, Ketatonic, WilldaBeast, Kibosh Adapted Records 2016-10-24
23 == Polymorph Arkasia Symphonic Distribution 2016-09-23
24 IN Galaxies Logistics, Laszlo, TanUKI, Ark Patrol, Father Dude, WRLD, Masayoshi Iimori, Ardency, Droeloe OWSLA/NEST 2016-07-22
25 -1 Great Business Affective, Kid Digital, Winter Face, Windom R Rune Recordings 2016-02-08
26 -1 Global Glitch Vol. II [compiled by spacegeishA] Echo, Secret Recipe, Tito, Beatfarmer, Chris Komus, Ecometric, SIXIS, Matt Pleztrom, Calma Dub, CloZee, DRRTYWULVZ, Halfred, Tribone, Floating Anarchy, Johny Pablo, K.L.O Street Ritual 2016-01-23
27 -1 Codename X - The Remixes Truth, Excision, Ryle, Virtual Riot, xKore, Miu, Sullivan King Rottun Recordings 2016-01-11
28 -1 Between Dreams Kurt, Cheshire Omelette Records 2015-11-27
29 -1 The Jitterbug EP Kalika, Stepcat Adapted Records 2015-08-03
30 IN Purple EP Vulpey, Mynerva Simplify Recordings 2015-06-22
31 IN We Are Virtual Grimm, Vicky Fee, Xilent, Five Knives, Diamond Eyes, Sue Gerger Audioporn 2015-05-17
32 -2 Intravenous Knight Riderz, Stylust Beats, Bleep Bloop, Labrat, The Digital Connection, The OriGinALz, Perkulat0r Gravitas Recordings 2015-04-07
33 -2 Voices Call Auvic, Natalie Aguiluz, Pipo Fernandez, Kristina Casale Audiophile Live 2015-02-23
34 IN Codename X Luciana, Excision, Downlink, Messinian, Space Laces, The Frim, Splitbreed, Pegboard Nerds, Dion Timmer, Rise At Night, Mayor Apeshit Rottun Recordings 2015-02-03
35 -3 We're Not Alone EP Virtual Riot, Au5, Jonas Minor Disciple Recordings 2014-08-11
36 IN Demon Club Silent H!, Bombastard, Hijack Da Bass, iMAGiN8 JST Records 2014-05-22
37 -3 Young Guns Aera, Sluggo, Igor Graphite, Al3Xtaylor, Brothers Grim, Rick Norris Ultragore Recordings 2014-04-21
38 IN Recess Skrillex Big Beat Records / OWSLA 2014-03-18
39 -4 Bouncy Bouncy Remixes Stickybuds, K+Lab, Slynk, South Rakkas, Staunch Adapted Records 2014-03-17
40 IN Machine Room (Level Two) Billain, Teddy Killerz Bad Taste Recordings 2014-02-03
41 -3 Superior EP PANTyRAiD Glass Air 2013-08-09
42 -3 Get Lucid Labrat, The OriGinALz, FiLiBuStA Gravitas Recordings 2013-07-23
43 IN The Bible Kills Access Denied, You Killing Me, Playma, Teddy Killerz, Gordy Freakz Me Out Records 2013-03-25
44 -4 Shatter Box EP Tipper Tippermusic 2012-09-01
45 -4 Elektrafone Ill.Gates, Beats Antique, The Glitch Mob, The Tailor Beats Antique 2011-10-04
46 -4 X Rated Excision, Downlink, Messinian, Datsik, Skism, Savvy mau5trap 2011-09-12
47 -4 Divergent Spectrum Bassnectar, Gogol Bordello, Ill.Gates, Rollz, Jantsen, Ellie Goulding, Seth Drake Amorphous Music 2011-08-02
48 -4 Drink The Sea The Glitch Mob Glass Air 2010-05-25
49 -4 Passing By Behind Your Eyes Pretty Lights Pretty Lights Music 2009-10-06
50 -4 Beba PANTyRAiD Marine Parade 2009-06-22
51 -4 The Seamless Unspeakable Something Tipper Tippermusic 2006-01-01
OUT Clap Ya Hands Now Stickybuds, K+Lab Westwood Recordings 2017-02-17
OUT The Worldly's K+Lab Lowtemp 2016-10-14
OUT Into the Sun Bassnectar, Levitate, Psymbionic, David Heartbreak, The Naked And Famous, Sayr, Of The Trees, Louis Futon, LUZCID, G. Jones, Gnar Gnar, Wintergatan, Dorfex Bos, Kang Amorphous Music 2015-06-30
OUT Power Robotek, Dibdabdub Hopskotch Records 2014-01-06
OUT Earth EP Rogue Monstercat 2013-11-04