Hi, my name is Julien Mahin. I'm a music lover, just like you are. I'm also a web developper with so many ideas. One of them was BP Top Tracker that I created in 2013, and I've been helped by some people since then, who joigned temporarily (or not) the project.


BP Top Tracker mainly tracks the Beatport tops. As you may already know, Beatport is the leader in the electronic music market, with lots of exclusive tracks. Everyday, we record the Beatport tops, tracks and releases that sells the most. Displaying these charts is our first mission, but not the only one. We also give you all sort of statistic and charts about tracks, releases, artists and labels.


I've been checking the Beatport Top for a long time, everyday. But I mainly faced two problems with the way Beatport displays the charts:

This is the reason why I decided to create BP Top Tracker, in 2013, to bring a solution to these problems.