About us

BP Top Tracker started in November 2012 to fill a need for every music lover or music industry professional: be able to see the historical data of the Beatport Top to have a way to know if a track was going up or down, or how long a specific track stayed in the top.

Launched publicly in 2013, the first version gained in popularity and was followed quickly the next year by a new version with a new design and new features.

Time passed and while we focused on other projects, such as Spot On Track, we did our best to keep BP Top Tracker online, at no cost for our users.

End of 2019 marked the release of the version 3, with a brand new design and a user registration system that will allow users to receive email alerts when your tracks are in the top. We meant the platform to be completely free of charge for our users.

This project is developed by Studioweby and Oper8Web LTD.