Frequently asked questions

We started recording the Beatport Tops for tracks on November 1st 2012. The Releases tops are not recorded anymore.
Since then, Beatport has added/removed/changed some of the genres, and we did not follow all the updates in a timely manner. It is therefore possible that some of the tops are missing for this reason.
In some exceptional cases, it is also possible that the daily top were not recorded because of one-time issues on our side on on Beatport's side.
A lot of data may be missing for the period between 2020-11-15 and 2023-02-10.
First of all, we might have a small delay of up to 15 minutes between a chart update on Beatport and the recording on our side.
The second reason is that some geographical restrictions may appear on some of the tracks. Depending on where you are in the world, some of the tracks of the Beatpot top might not be shown to you, which makes the top displayed on Beatport and on BP Top Tracker different.
While we expect the Beatport API to give us the Beatport Top without any territorial restrictions, we have noticed in the past that it is not always the case. Our servers are located in France, so it is possible that the charts we record are the ones as seen from France in Europe.
Our data is synchronized with Beatport data through their API. For recently released tracks, the synchronization happens regularly automatically in order to fix any data issue that would have been fixed on Beatport since we recorded the track.
For older tracks, you can contact us if we need to retrigger the synchronization with Beatport data.
In all cases, we need the data to be fixed on Beatport first.
This is completely independant from us, but usually Beatport updates the Tops every day between 11am and 1pm UTC.
We check for updates every 15 minutes to make sure the delay between the publication of the charts on Beatport and the update on BP Top Tracker is as small as possible.
The Daily Digest email containing all the position updates for your alerts is sent a few minutes after we have recorded the Beatport tops of that day, usually around noon UTC but this can vary.
While some processing time might be required to send the email to all our users, our goal is to make sure this email is sent as quickly as possible to let you know of your new charts positions.