7 Skies


T he brand of 7 Skies goes far beyond what the eye cansee. T his talented producer, DJ and entrepreneur offersmany surprises, guided by the endless talents hepossesses across artistic and technical areas. Originatingfrom Italy but reaching all corners of the world, 7 Skiesproductions have a universal appeal that are filled withemotion and energy combined.At a young age, this creative mind fell in love with sounddesign, and through experimentation, a career in productionand performing became a desire that could not be ignored.To this date, 7 Skies has created an impressive discographywith releases on labels such as Anjunabeats, Armada,Enhanced and Euphonic. With each new productionintroduces a new element that evolves the 7 Skies 'sound,'and sets a new standard for Electronic Dance Music.T he industry had its first introduction to 7 Skies with hisremix of 'Volume 1,' which secured a placement on theAnjunabeats 'One Hundred' compilation. T his fresh take ona modern-classic quickly gained recognition, and the trancecommunity welcomed 7 Skies. Shortly after, his release of'Central Park' garnered supported from establishedproducers such as Armin Van Buuren and Ferry Corsten.In early 2010, the instant classic 'Caffeine' was released onthe legendary Anjunabeats imprint. It was this track that fansrecognized as the sound of 7 Skies. T he track was receivedwith much enthusiasm and was played by Above & Beyondseveral weeks in a row on the group's signature 'TranceAround the World' podcast. Anjunabeats continued tosupport 'Caffeine,' as it secured a placement on theAnjunabeats compilation, 'Anjunabeats Worldwide 02.'To continue the momentum of 'Caffeine,' 7 Skies released'Sushi,' a track known for its distinctive and richly texturedsound. 'Sushi' has consistently been a crowd pleaser insets by Above & Beyond, and some claim that it was thehighlight of their set at Electric Daisy Carnival in 2010.'Sushi' was used as part of the official 'T he Electric DaisyCarnival Experience' film soundtrack as well as secured aplacement on the 'Anjunabeats Vol. 8' compilation. T his trackalso peaked at number two on the Beatport Trance chart.In addition to original releases, 7 Skies has also beensought after by noteworthy artists such as Super8 & Tab, Oliver Smith, Dan Stone and Daniel Kandi for remix work.T he most notable remix request to date, however, came infrom Above & Beyond. 7 Skies was given the honour ofremixing 'Sun & Moon,' the group's first single off of theirhighly anticipated album, 'Group T herapy.'While his remix of 'Mercy' by Super8 & Tab, was featured aspart of Super8 & Tab's 'Empire: Remixed' album, the DanielKandi 'Breathe' (7 Skies Remix) was exclusively producedfor the '10 Years of Anjunabeats' compilation album.All of 7 Skies' releases continue to receive support from topDJs and well-known Trance radio shows like 'Trance Aroundthe World' and 'A State of Trace.' 7 Skies has circled theglobe from Los Angeles, to England, Eastern Europe,Australia and back. But for those that have either missed orhaven't yet had the chance to catch him play one of hisengaging gigs, you can always catch him on his'One2Trance' podcast, where you can get a taste of the 7Skies style.David's passion for music is not only devoted to theproduction of music, but also to sound design. Davidfounded his own sound design consultancy company,Standalone-Music. He has designed, and continues todesign, sound sets for hardware and software synthesizers,offering products for all levels of producers. His soundshave been used in countless productions from today'sartists and producers. His skill set has caught the attentionof several software houses that have commissioned him toproduce factory sound sets that have been included in thefinal commercial releases of products, such as LennardigitalSylenth1, Fxpansion DCAM and Geist. T he most recent ofhis achievements in this field is the '7 Skies' expansion forthe famous, and nearly studio standard, "Nexus" by reFX.With already an impressive discography and resume in thearea of sound design, it's hard to know what to expect fromthis exciting talent in the near future. But legions of devotedfans and DJs everywhere know to expect nothing but thefinest quality & originality in anything carrying the 7 Skiesbrand.


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