Adrian Oblanca


Adrian Oblanca was born in Zamora (Spain) where he resides in the town of Benavente. It was in his hometown where he began his techno musical career towards the year of 2006. He gradually started to find his own niche in nightlife by djing at local clubs such as Sala Pimentel, Mp3 House Club, Snipe, The Special Tsunami Club and Sala Alejandría among others.He’s also played in numerous clubs throughout Spain such as Sala Escada (Valladolid), Sala Paladium (Almería), Studio54 (Oviedo), Sala Factory (Valladolid), Z eta Sound(Z amora), Bo.karoo (León), Grafity (León), La Vaca (Ponferrada), Sala Tarot (Segovia), La Nota (Ávila), Slogan (Madrid), Sala Omnia (Madrid), Fabrik (Madrid), Hypnose Club (La Bañeza), El Templo (León), Amanecer Club(Z amora), Metro Club (Toro), Area51 (Valladolid) and Number One (Valladolid),He has also participated in musical festivals such as the MEF FESTIVALin 2013 during its first edition which took place in Mayorga (Leon, Spain) and in the T EKNOFILIA FESTIVALwhich unfolded itself in Merida,Badajoz (Spain).He has shared the stage with prestigious DJs such as Dave Clarke, Cristina Varela, Ben Sims, Paul Mac, Oscar Mulero, Dj Pepo, Eric Sneo, Kevin Saunderson, Dave Zoom, Ritzi Lee, Event 7, Pascal Feos, Marco Bailey, Karl O’Connor aka Regis, David Moleon, Alexander Kowalski, Tobias Luke aka OBI, Svetec, Buchecha, Trevor Rockcliffe, Pacou, Frank Kvitta, Surgeon, Exium, Christian Wünsch, Reeko, Fatima Hajji, Jean Simon, David Herrero, David Mallada, David Moleon, Iván Deveró, David Carreta, Maral Salmassi, Ocram, Plastikdrumz, Anderson Noise, Kazu Kimura, Hess Nill, Vegin, Nicola Crocco, Dj Emerson, Du ́Art , Dean Amo, Ben More, Paul Boex, Alex Under, Oscar Aguilera, Nathan Cole, Horacio Cruz and Surgeon.His technique behind the turntables is truly amazing considering his short career as a professional DJ. During the past eight years he has concentrated on improving his mixing technique in order to offer his audience live sessions which are completely different and bluntly intense.Nowadays he is engrossed in the musical production, editing his own music and releasing it in various worldwide locations such as New York and Miami and in countries like Italy, Venezuela, France and his own, Spain.To date Adrian Oblanca has released more than 100 tracks in various internationally known record labels and he is emerging as a prominent and promising young DJ and Producer in the house scene worldwide .


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