Alex Myna


Alex Myna falled in love with synthesizers and electronic music in his childhood: a lot of years ago he started producing music, studying music theory, mixing and mastering techniques.He love Progressive House, House, Electro House, Trance, Deep House and all beautiful electronic/EDM tracks.After winning a lot of remix contests all over the globe,Alex Myna released original mixes and remixes, his best tracks are: Kourosh Tazmini feat. Anda Adam - Can U feel Love (Alex Myna Remix), Soul Playerz - Reload (Alex Myna Remix), Alex Myna & Tetrixx - White, Hannes Bruniic feat. Lu Menezes - Slow Down (Alex Myna Remix), Christian F & DJ Gonzalez feat. Filipa Sousa - Sunset Lovers (Alex Myna Remix).New collaborations and new music are coming soon, stay tuned!


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