The one-man phenomenon (also known as Andreas Dimitriadis) was born and

raised in Thessaloniki, Greece, where was influenced from a young age by his musical

surroundings. After attending a multitude of jazz concerts and finding himself absorbed

in his father’s large collection of records, he began studying music at the age of 10 and

began jamming in local bands, producing tracks for freestyle groups and creating

scores for short films.

In 2002, began his involvement with NON, a Greece-based collective of artists

responsible for the organization of the Reworks Electronic Music Festival and club nights

throughout the country. In 2003 he was invited to attend the Red Bull Music Academy in

Cape Town, and shortly thereafter released his debut EP on Thinner Records and

continued to steadily release 12” tracks and EPs on Matthias Schaffhäuser’s Ware

imprint. hit his stride in 2008, when he released his debut for mobilee, “One Is Not

Enough,” as well as his critically acclaimed follow-up, “Sand on the Floor,” both of

which showcased not only his intricate production skills but also his unique integration

of live components, the latter of which helping to lend an inimitable sound to his


The inimitable character of his productions is also evident in his acclaimed live shows in

which he integrates both released and unreleased productions, loops, and live use of

his trumpet into an incomparably high-energy affair. Never playing the same live set

twice, orients his performances around spontaneity and a high level of

connection and interaction with the audience, creating a fluid balance between his

artistic expression and the pleasure of the audience. His one-of-a-kind performances

have landed him spots at international festivals such as Sonar, Nuits Sonores in Lyon,

and the Synch and Reworks Festivals in Greece as well as several remixes for labels

around the world including Two Faces, Time Has Changed Records, and Sibbeg’s

Noodles Recordings. Whether it’s house or techno, melodic or organic, percussive

grooves or rough and edgy snares, one thing is for certain: delivers.


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Releases #1 3
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Days in Top 100 Tracks 211
Days in Top 100 Releases 4828
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