Andres Romario Manzano Rubio better known as (Andruss), Dj producer from 2007, starting on trance music with the initial duet "Jesser & Andruss" begins his career in a small label from Paris, France.(Magenta Rec.)Release supported by great djs like Dash Berlin at A State Of Sunday, Rank1, Indecent Noise among others.actually work on New track for a great label named Abstract Music, Istmo Music and more.and working on Dubstep as Dubstard, with Shazu (DirtyGanesh), HNBK, Peter T, among others) in the new label (Get it On Records). always innovating its good dubstep and electro tracks Tech trance ready to destroy anydancefloor, both Skrillex influences, Dubsidia, Skism, Bare Noize, among many morethat inspire majesty create maximum effects for turn a good party. Working at 100% each Lead, Sample, Bassline, loop with this great peculiarity to give the perfect touch to these good track that will go over time becoming known in this good record that provided a space ah well as many artists more in this world and twisted Basswobbles saturated.


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