Andy Bianchini


Andy Bianchini (Anddriqui Bianchini, Rio de Janeiro, 1994) began his journey into the world of electronic music at 12 years old. Later, he entered the field of music production and fell in love with bold Trance and its variations, which managed to launch and open doors.Andy already donework for labels like Adrian & Raz, Trance All Stars, D.Max, and others ..And already officially remixed artists like Carol Lee, Ellie Lawson, Tom8, Essonita and others! With their releases, Anddriqui already got support from established artists such as Markus Schulz, Max Braiman, Sunset, Falcon, Rank 1, Sunny Lax, and more .. It has influences from greats like Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Super8 & Tab, Daniel Kandi & more. The official podcast of Andy (Trance Remode Sessions) airs every third Saturdays of the month, on (Dj Channel)!


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Days in Top 100 Tracks 49
Days in Top 100 Releases 2671
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