Born in PODGORICA in republic of Montenegro,( EXYugoslavia ) 1977, from earlytime of childhood, fascinated bymusic and her amazing energy and beauty, spending muchtime listening to it and it shall live.Realizing as apstract term as she is, is beginning to acquirean exalted place in his life, and thus begins to take aninterest in all the major directions and genres.Growing up in the range from the classic film and ambientthrough to modern, the most influence with the end of theeighties where it begins to form a major impact on today'smusical taste.T hrough the psychedelic-ambient sounds great and crucialbands and later artists such as Pink Floyd, David Bovie, JoyDivision,T he Doors,T he Cure, Phil Collins, Sting, Simply Red,Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Kraftwerk, Vangelis, JeanMishel Jarre, Mike Oldfield and many significant artist,through the nineties, in which the fusion of all pastinfluences into something that will later have a form a stableposition and play a crucial role in today's modern wave ofprogressive electronic music.His fields of interest are produced by several genresranging from chill-out/lounge, ambient through deep andprogressive house, and work great remixes of hits.His music supported byRitchie Hawtin,Nick Warren,Erick Morillo,T hieveryCorporation,Robert Babich,Oliver Shories,Above &Beyond,Matt Darey,Sander Kleinenberg,JamesZ abiela,Michael Woods,John 00 Fleming,Omid 16B,MarcusSchulz,Fedy Ferray,Soundexile,Darin Epsilon,Sasha leMonier,Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic,FernandoFerreira,Marcelo Vasami,Silinder,dPen,Andre Sobota,LukePorter,Deepfunk,Stanisha,David Grahna,SezerUysal,Paronator,D-Phrag,Kobana,Vlada D Shake,Erich vonCollar,Jelly for the Babies,KINTAR,AndreaCassino,MiraculuM,KRUDER & DORFMEIST ER,SecretCinema,Banko De Gaia,Kevin Yost,Blank &Jones,DINKA,Simon Firth and many others ...


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