Seminal German trance producer Ingo Kunzi recorded under numerous aliases including Tandu, Intrance, Karuma & D-Sign, but is perhaps best known for his classic 1996 track 'Ayla', recorded under the same name.Kunzi started making music when he was just five years old, building his own studio in 1985 and engineering demos for rock bands before discovering electronic music.Ingo's Ayla project was founded in 1995. When the debut single ‘Ayla’ was released it became an instant hit in his native country. It's worldwide success a few years later was due in part to the euphoric Taucher remix by compatriots, producers Ralph-Armand Beck and Torsten Stenzel. It remains Kunzi's biggest chart success to date. The track was used in a McDonald's commercial, and appeared on the soundtrack of the British comedy film Kevin & Perry Go Large.Ayla's second release was the single Atlantis. Four further singles followed: Ayla Pt. 2, a collaboration with Beck and Stenzel; Liebe (Love), a cover of the Cosmic Baby classic; Kunzi's self-confessed all-time-favorite Ayla track, Angelfalls - Radio Cut and Into the Light. These tracks, 'Atlantis' excepted, were collected on the successful debut Ayla album, Nirwana, released in 1999. The harder singles Singularity (Brainchild II) and 'Sun Is Coming Out' followed the album.In 2002 Kunzi put his Ayla project on hiatus. It was not until nine years later, in 2011, that he returned with the long-awaited second Ayla album, Unreleased Secrets.


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