Hailing from Italy, Santino Sardo & Gaetano Bonfiglio have fused their musical talents into the massive electronic dance duo BlastersBoyz.The two DJs italian have created an reputation in northern Italy through their live DJ sets.BlastersBoyz in 2010 Gave The Street With Their productions Blending Manufacturing Capabilities. BlastersBoyz are known in the best club in Milan,Turin,Brescia,Bergamo,Etc... Santino & Gaetano began their career performing in several national web radio.The duo does not just perform in the live set radio, but in the meantime continue to release productions. "Magic" is the first record of success that was released in February 2014. BlastersBoyz also release remixes of world famous artists, In March 2014 have made a remix for the festival Sensation. 2014 is going to be a great year for the BlastersBoyzthanks to the numerous invitations to events and collaborations.The April 25 they played with a big performance at Sensation White, which took place in Bologna (Italy)The BlastersBoyz are planning big productions to make you dance and have fun in every part of the world.Prepare the BlastersBoyz Are Working For You.


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