Brian Flinn


Fast becoming a top contender in Electronic Dance Music, Brian Flinn has had his sights on one goal and that's to charge ahead full steam, never looking back as he churns out production after production, remix after remix with no end in sight, spending every waking moment he can making the next big tune that will not only captivate and inspire but also render his fans speechless as they fall victim to his groundbreaking drops that has been dubbed by his most loyal followers as 'Armageddon Drops'. In a day where there are literally thousands of producers in the dance music industry it takes serious ambition and drive to push the envelope and create sounds that stand out from the rest.Brian sounds resonate with not only fans but also with the top DJ/Producers in the industry who will shed the all important lime light and need to get noticed, he has managed to create 'the sound'. This has caught the attention and support of the top labels such as; Night Vision (Spinnin), Discover, D.Max Recordings as well as his own label Solid Black Recordings.His work has also landed support from the most notable names in the industry being Armin Van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Simon Patterson, Sean Tyas, Talla 2xlc, Aly& Fila, Tom Colontonio, Paul Webster, Neil Scarborough, Ashley Wallbridge, Lisa Lashes, Paul Oakenfold, Bryan Kearny and more.Brian Flinn has showed no signs of slowing down and his sound continually evolving and pushing the envelopes of tech trance, 2012 - 2013 brings him into the international arena as a touring DJ with the Live Beyond Tour with featuring artists John Merki, Type41, Kaeno and giant acts such as Mark Sherry and 7 Skies.


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