Bruno Kauffmann


Bruno began his career in 1981 at the famous Parisian radio station "NRJ". In 1983, Bruno is in the middle of the movement of clubs with a residency at “The Club". In 1991, he became a DJ at the famous club in Paris "The Boy" on Mondays wit h DJs rat ings t hen a little-known David Guetta, Laurent Garnier, Stephane Pompougnac, Fred Rister, Joachim Garraud ... In 1994, Bruno moved south of France, where he quickly became resident DJ at the famous club "La Scala" in Cap d'Agde. In 1995, Bruno became a resident DJ at "Slave Bar" in Avignon. After three years there, he finally decided it was time to take a break and start working freelance for exploring the night at international ... Lausanne, London, Belgium, Geneva, Berlin, Paris, Monaco ... mixing with David Guetta, Danny Tenaglia, Jack de Marseille, Charles Schillings, Stephane Pompougnac, Llorca, Claude Challe, David Duriez, Laurent Garnier, Kenny Hawks, DJ Paulette, Miss Honey Dijon, Jose De Divina, the chance to Lucy, Ceeryl , Lady Bird, Leomeo, Rork, Shadow, Nicolas Nucci, Lorent Air, Didier Sinclair, Dj Baccho, Mike Miller, Michael Canitrot, Benedetto & Farina, Da Fresh, David Vendetta and many more ... Bruno in 2002 became a resident of the famous parties "Dolly Party" in the south of France, which allows one to discover the places and clubs such as "Stephano" in St Tropez, the "Nirvana" in Paris, the "Theatro" in Marrakech, etc.. Bruno acknowledged today and enjoy the world of the night and it was wit h t he product ion t hat will make you discover his musical universe always with the smile


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Days in Top 100 Releases 2100
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