Chris.SU is one of the commanding producers and DJs of the Hungarian scene, among others he has helped to put his country on the map of drum’n’bass. Since his breaktrough track "Astro-Sine", released on DJT race's label DSCI4 in 2002, his t unes have been in rotation from drum’n’bass' finest. He was also voted as producer and DJ of the year multiple times by the readers of Impulsecreator (' musical career started early, as a cellist he had classical music training since the age of 7. He began producing electronic music in 1996 experimenting with various genres such as hardcore techno, breakbeat and house. His first drum’n’bass 12" has been released in 2000 on Hungarian based Subscope records ("Time Warp" b/w "Angel").In 2001 he decided to buy a pair of turntables and a mixer and he started DJing. Since then he already had gigs in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and numerous European countries. His DJ sets are known of combining the various subgenres of d’n’b and presenting it with good mixing technique.Besides his solo material Chris was involved in various collaboration projects with Concord Dawn, Ill.Skillz, Black Sun Empire and SKC, to name a few, achieving primetime DJ support with the tracks like Desert Siege/Crash (Commercial Suicide), What’s Happening (Hospital Records) and more. He was also member of a group called Tactile consisting of five people, Chris.SU, SKC, Longman, Bratwa and Safair. Shortly after their successful debut album SUPER SYSTEM LP t hey decided t o launch t heir own imprint T act ile Vinyl / Tactile Digital.Chris’ most recent release is his highly anticipated F.A.T.E. EP released 13th of August on Subtitles Music UK.


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