Conga Squad


Olivier Abbeloos aka Conga Squad, C-Mos was born andraised in Belgium, he is active as composer, producer, DJ,remixer.Step backward, Olivier Abbeloos a familiar name?T hat depends on when you first started buying housemusic.He shot to fame in the early 90’s producing classics such asT 99’s 'Anasthasia' together with Patrick De Meyer & rapperZ eno (which was on Sony Music and XL Recordings aroundthe Prodigy era) and Quadrophonia together with LucienFoort . Two huge records, number ones in many territoriesworldwide and records that alongside records by T heProdigy et al. kick started the dance music and in particularthe “rave” scene. No small feat. He also producedTechnotronics Second Album.Fast forward and Olivier struck gold with C-MOS - the “2million ways” record (rmx by Axwell) signed to Lowered Rec./ Universal Music (UK), cue Motivo Italy. But this time its nota rave anthem - this is a raw yet slick house record.So what else is Olivier doing ? Olivier runs his own labelsHolographic & EPOS two club labels based in Belgium thatbring you a fusion of clubbeats in a style outfit.Over the past 20 years, he has developed a typical soundthat is like no other in the house scene. He producesseveral projects under the names C-MOS, Conga Squad,Cloud 9, Nu-matic, Bio-nic, Dynetic, Warp Factor One,Souldraft, Kretek, Soul Patrol, Trigger, Neon, Jarvic 7, T heDemolator, ...His hot and spicy sequences have appeared on mixcompilations of Hed Kandi, Ministry of Sound, and manyothers. Companies like Universal, Subliminal, Motivo, Sony,Striclty Rhythm, Skint, JBO, ... licensed his productions.Further on, as a DJ he gets the crowd wet with anticipationat several clubs and festivals.


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