Corrado Bucci


Rebirth new talent Corrado Bucci is back on Rebirth with another stunning ep. The youngitalian musician, producer and DJ is in a inspiring period and you can hear why listening this new work. While the 'Brooklyn EP' received a great support in the underground musicscene by djs like Jimpster X-Press 2, Rainer Trueby, Simbad and Andre Lodemann, hisstyle is getting refined and His sound and melodies always incorporate elements of different styles from hip hop to electronica, from techno to jazz. The title track 'Chewing Bubble' is an infectious track, a bass-driven house anthem of thevery highest with a big synthy riff and old-school strings.'Hero' is deeper and more experimental, and 'Virare' a great addition, a symphonic jamwith piano and magic pads. Corrado Bucci excites us again with his music !


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