Cristian Glitch


Cristian Salazar, Aka Cristian Glitch, Colombian Dj/Producer, at the age of 16 years in 2005 born his passion for electronic music in the city of Manizales (Colombia) where he shares with some local DJs and friends attending events and festivals their city. Being influenced by the sounds of House, Electro and Techhouse of the time. Day by day grows more your taste in music and decided to venture into the world of dj as a hobby.In late 2009, decided to venture Cristian Salazar professionally in the electronic scene and begins to acquire knowledge in music production, several sequencers management where he began his artistic career. In mid-2010 Cristian adopts his pseudonym CRISTIAN GLITCH, and makes his first projects dealing genres like T echno and Minimal Techno, releasing several digital stores. In 2011 Cristian Glitch has a great evolution in his career, establishing itself in the minimal techno and techno genres. Becomes more mature and forceful in their productions for several projects globally recognized labels.In early 2012, Cristian Glitch decides to change and engage in forceful sounds, dark, atmospheres and environments different from what they were doing. Start your work at the scene dark techno, dub techno, deep techno and techno.


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Days in Top 100 Tracks 762
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