Daniele Kama


The year 2007 saw his debut with his first vinyl “Trust it”. Always having the realistic approach and coded with attitude of improvising, the basic principles, for making a mark in music industry he collaborated with artists such as Pierce ,Phunklarique,Kaiserdisco,Broombeck,Phunklarique,which not only take the music to a new level of finesse but made his label companies lucrative profits.His vision as it was pre-scripted, to keep on living on his standards, drives him to keep with changes and trends of music industry. For that reason, he is working with labels such as Inmotion Music,Aella Music,Monique Spèciale,Stereo Productions,Piston Recordings,Time Has Changed,Factomania,Sanity,Lapsus and many others.The commercial success of this DJ & Producer is no surprise among the elite of the music industry. The way and the time period this artist take to gain the respect of his counterparts is no less than Panache.The Immediacy in his music can be felt on DJ floors by the Energy and Tempo of his audience. The long list of his discography keeps his audience humming with his beats of every other smashing hit singles. Some of his Platinum certified Albums are Finally In (Lapsus Music),Nameless (Pressure Records), Batida De Groove Ep (Potobolo Records),The Revenge Ep (Piston Recordings), Papito (Inmotion Music), One Morning Ep (Orion Muzik) and the list is augmenting year after year.The conviction on which Daniele Kama stands is the only formula he knows for success i.e. to put simply - the passion he has for his music and the never dying artistic yearning that will not only produce music of a high caliber but a novelty to his loving audience in subsequent years.


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