Danny Russell


British native, Berlin based DJ/Producer Danny Russell has become a constant fixture on the Berlin scene, with his sound now reaching global audiences following the glowing success of his debut release ‘Party all Night Long,’ released on DJ Kaos’ – Jolly Jams Label. Backed up by huge support for DJs such as Danny Krivit, Luke Solomon, Jacques Renault, Marcel Vogel and DJ Harvey, Danny’s popularity has begun to climb drawing much attention to his craft both on the decks and in the studio.What followed the debut single’s release was a main room edit by Milan DJ’s – The Dirty Channels. Put out via Athens of The North as ‘Dirty Channels vs Danny Russell – Watching Out’ it became a go-to festival record for Josh Wink, Jeremy Underground and Dan Shake, with Dan pressing his own Dubplate promo to include it on his Australian Sugar Mountain Boiler Room set to thousands, provoking a huge online reaction as to what the record actually was.Danny’s 2nd release on Jolly Jams became a summer 2017 hit with ‘Hopper Rant’ topping the Beatport acid house chart, and ‘Let’s go’ being compared to a Idjut Boys release by Juno. Currently Danny is finishing an EP for Manchester’s El Diablos Social Club Recordings, as well as working on future material for Jolly jams.A DJ since 98’ and nephew of the legendary Hacienda Guest DJ and Home Club Resident Billy Caldwell, Danny honed his skills on the Manchester Underground scene and was a constant fixture at many of the city’s most reputable venues from The Attic and Zumbar to The Music Box and Sankeys. Berlin appearances have included venues such as Watergate, Suciide Circus, King Size, Kitkat club and Neue Heimat, and globally gigs across Europe, the U.S.A. and Mexico.Beyond the club and festival circuit, Danny has also DJed at parties for major brands such as Delivery Hero, Zenmate, Shazam, The Collective (at the Berlin Tech Open Air), as well as Pathe Films..


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